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Our French curriculum encourages children to develop an interest in learning other languages, in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating. We encourage children’s confidence and creative skills. We strive to stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language. We help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries. We strive to embed the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills necessary to enable children to use and apply their French learning in a variety of contexts and lay the foundations for future language learning. It is the intention that all children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of French in order to adequately prepare them for KS3.

The national curriculum for MFL and our progression of skills within each milestone aims to ensure that all pupils will have;-

• The confidence to speak with good intonation and pronunciation;- give short talks and take part in conversations.

• Fluency in reading; understanding the main points and some of the detail in short written texts.

• Fluency and imagination in writing; short texts on familiar topics applying grammar to enhance or change the meaning of phrases.

• A strong awareness of the culture of the countries where the language is spoken.

• A passion for languages and a commitment to the subject.

• The ability to use language creatively and spontaneously.

• An independence in their studies and the ability to draw upon a wide range of resources.