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At Ling Moor Primary Academy we place great emphasis on developing responsible, caring and thoughtful children with strong morals and values. 

The core values of the Priory Federation of Academies Trust are pillars of what we do: wisdom, curiosity, generosity, courage and passion. These values drive what we do each and every day at Ling Moor. We aim to promote positive values throughout our school community by teaching them in an explicit, structured way. The values that we instill in our children help them to become mature, responsible and caring adults able to work co-operatively with each other whilst striving for success – Ling Moor Learners and members of the Ling Moor Family.

Alongside our core values, we also challenge the children to be great friends – ‘people who help others be the best they can be’.

Our values are a core element of our approach to behaviour as well. Our expectation is that the children we work with ‘do the right things because they are the right things to do’

Through being wise each day, enthused by their curiosity, generous, full of courage and passionate about their success and the success of others, the Ling Moor family is special place to learn.